Marco is delivering his message as a motivational speaker and leadership expert. Not only in the Netherlands but also for international audiences and organisations, like recently in Dubai and France. Marco was a guest at multiple events and was a motivational speaker for smaller companies as well as multinationals. Invite Marco to speak about one of the following topics and set your audience into motion!

Evolving together demands teamwork!

What makes teamwork successful? And how do we create a sustainable and healthy way of working and collaborating? Trust is the key to success.

Marco will provide you with practical tools to achieve better collaboration in terms of both content and mood.

Your Connection Quotient starts with yourself!

How do you make sure you are – and remain – your authentic self? So that you can put not just your own potential to optimal use, but also that of the people around you.

By way of assignments and examples, Marco will help you discover how you can increase your impact on the other, your team and your organisation.


How do you bring conflicts on the work floor out into the open? How do you keep people committed and motivated so that they continue to contribute?

Marco shows you how to use connecting communication during discussion and decision-making in a constructive atmosphere.

Leadership demands courage: empathy in action

How do you ensure more personal and professional happiness, connection, energy and results? This is exactly what you get when you combine proven methodologies with the latest insights.

Learn how to use this combination and experience the fact that New Leadership demands both courage and empathy.

Effective change (leadership development)

If people have such an aversion to change, how do you get them to make the necessary effort? You as a leader could be the biggest obstacle…

But you can do something about it!

Through practical and proven techniques, for example, that do help achieve effective change!

Creating best-performing teams

Do you want to create more cohesive collaboration so that you can achieve results together? The key insight is knowing how the team actually functions.

Discover how you can help teams achieve optimal business results and connection.

Curious to learn more?